Our partners cuts across the globe with our business relationship ranging from contract manufacturing to franchise holding. MANUFACTURING PARTNERS In line with our corporate focus, emphasis on relationships with our foreign partners have been majorly on local acceptance of the reputation of the products to be marketed and or distributed. We currently manufacture with the following comapnies;

  • Sinopharm Xingsha Pharmaceuticals (Xiamen) Co. Ltd., China
  • Saga Laboratories, India
  • Pulse Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd, India
  • Shenzhen Zhijun Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd., China
  • Arnet Pharmacuticals, USA
  • Kendy Limited, Bulgaria

FRANCHISE PARTNERS We also hold franchises of renowned brands with reputable Pharmaceutical Companies all over the globe. We currently franchise for the following companies;

  • Kediron Group Usa
  • Life Plan, Uk
  • Sd Biosensor, South Korea
  • Kibion Ab, Sweden
  • Merck Serono

Partner Products